If you’d like to be a stallholder at The Fashion Market, please see below list of products you can and can’t sell, basically if you cannot wear it, you cannot sell it.

What can I sell at The Fashion Market?

Independent and emerging designers: Your own designs which have been ethically produced. You will be expected to be transparent about your production techniques and sources.

Vintage and preloved collectors: Good quality, clean and well presented women’s and men’s garments and accessories. Some items of lower quality brands* may feature in your collection but the majority of your stock must be from high street retailers and respected labels that have a higher resale value. Genuine perfume is permitted to be sold.

*Lower quality brands refer to those high street retailers selling t-shirts for $15 and dresses for $30. There is little value in the resale of these items.

What can I not sell?

Independent and emerging designers: Garments purchased from wholesalers that are not designed by you or your label.

Vintage and preloved collectors: Replica or fake items. Underwear, gym wear or swimwear. Ripped, damaged or dirty garments and accessories. The majority of your stock must not consist solely of garments from lower quality retailers.

No children’s wear.

No new fur products.

If you cannot wear it, you cannot sell it. You cannot sell anything that doesn’t come under the category of women’s or men’s pre-loved / vintage fashion or accessories.

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